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“Only when the flag, the belief, the leader, the idea as planned action, drop away, can there be love; and love is the only creative and constant revolution.”
    ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti, Commentaries on Living, Second Series, p. 19, Fourth Quest Book Printing (1976)

If it’s the truth
If ideologies make for poor revolutions or none
If love is the true revolution
Then meaningful change can be realized
But one person at a time
Yet given the impatient desire for sweeping reform
Think what would happen
If power was appropriated from the jaded
If wealth was denied to the cynical
If nothing was left to the set-in-their-ways
But assisting mentoring advising consoling
Cooking and doing the laundry for
Their idealistic youthful counterparts
Between the ages of thirteen and fifteen
Who would make all final decisions
Involving any collective of more than a couple dozen people
Whether businesses agencies temples governments stores
And thereby rule the world
Math psychology finance science law technology can wait
Until sixteen when
Youth can then learn to be experts since
Youth were born generalists
Youth can take advice
Youth know the world needs the virtues
Youth can sense have yet to be educated out of them
Youth shall likely build a fair sharing caring world
Youth can hardly confuse this one much further

Thanks always returns

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