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“Open your eyes
  And look within.”
    ~ Bob Marley, “Exodus” from the album Exodus (1977)

You, visionary mathematician
Who invented a genre of fiction
Envisioned the fourth dimension
As Wheelie Willie served for expression
Set the envelope on tangent wave
With infinite amplitude
Chessboard expanded to an endless plane
Brilliant white light came in view
The night Kurt Gödel passed
Some time after you bade him describe
Why understanding how thoughts are passed
Incompleteness doth proscribe
And could that be why you’re the last
Hero of my youth to survive
Into the twenty-first century
Writing how strong AI can derive
Solely by means evolutionary
While machine learning students contrive
Tracking things nonstationary
Like people who walk or who drive
To assist Big Brother’s contrary
Developments, could this be planned:
A universal truth machine
La Bocca della Verità holds your hand
As you say to us no all serene
Then say you won’t get your hand back
The response either way is untrue
You wonder if God cut you slack
When in advance she forgave you.

One afternoon back in Raleigh
Wetware you read to the crowd
All of six people by golly
Killeville might have been more proud
Odd we’re now both in Los Perros
Dogville’s no different I guess
They might yet shoot you with arrows
If cumberquarks you possess
Or allas or robot ants
Next time we may get together
If ever we have the chance
Let’s build ourselves a big blunzer
Go back and start things afresh
Reboot the cosmos proclaiming
More gnarl and less kilp, all flesh
Merged in one consciousness aiming
For the One’s mutant effects
Cosmic rays so random-seeming
Inform our imipolex
Could this paradox that we’re dreaming
Be an absolute infinite prime
Who takes Mount On high and gleaming?
You, master of space and time.

Thanks always returns

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