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“Knock, and it’ll be opened for you.”
    ~ Matthew 7:7

Sometimes I consider the virtue of sanity
Wondering why
If it’s so good and square
Do so many people act insane

Who’s on the expensive yachts
Parked motionless in the harbor
Drinking away all the time in this world
Not moving

Who’s on the cell phones
Ceaselessly gabbing
Not meaning much
Not knowing

Who’s on the lookout
If anyone
Testing the safety
Of holding a microwave transmitter to the head

Who’s joining the crowd
Football game church street gang
Each like the others
Fitting in

Who’s in and out of workplaces
Forgetting gender roles
Assuming there was no reason for them
Though they existed
When time was enough to think things over

Who’s on the couch
Watching alleged athletes
All the while forgetting the personal need
To move

Who’s eating the chemically-processed stuff
That’s sufficiently addictive
Thinking food always comes
In bright plastic wrappers

Who’s watching cheap movies
Reading cheap books
For cheap thrills
For what emotional satisfaction

Who’s recognizing
The value of time
The tyranny of time
The nonexistence of time

Who’s going to social gatherings
That serve as the checkmarks
Forming temporary meaningless relationships
With others they don’t really like

Who’s speaking
Of work-life balance
Of product quality
Of life quality
When it’s all talk

Who’s justifying
A world riddled with weapons
Rejoicing in its violence and cruelty
Greed idiocy complacency

Who’s creative
When creativity is promoted
For business’ sake
When it comes to pleasing customers
How creative is anyone really

Who’s complaining
About the past
About each other
About things that aren’t present
About things that don’t matter

Who’s behind these eyes
Seeing visions
Speaking with disembodied beings
From time to time
Flipping a mental switch to
All of this or not

Who’s this person called me
Those times I switch
Off my perception of embodied people too
So I needn’t impose on anyone
To accept any visions as real

Who’s real to me
And is that what matters
If beings embodied or not
Want me to do something
Even acknowledge their existence

Who’s deciding
To act as though vision is real or not

Who’s fit to prove some things are real
Any things
And who can prove anything’s illusory
Accept what’s seen
Take any advice that seems sensible
Whatever its source
Ignoring the rest

Who’s sane

Who’s creative
For creativity’s sake
Not just for business

Who’s finding
Works of business
Have lasting value

Who’s doing
The things others do
Unless those things are agreeable

Who’s got control
Of the mind

Who’s conforming
To be fulfilled
Since when is conformity rational

Who’s able to tell
Which other people
Are remotely in sympathy
When it comes to any of these concepts
Maybe most

Who’s at risk of sounding snobbish
And who’s frightened
To ask

Who’s out there
If anyone
The least bit more sane
Than a couple of oddballs seeing visions
On an isolated hilltop

Who’s seeing the beauty in people
Each a wonderfully complex being
We who see the many interactions
Between each person’s spirit
And chi
And physical body
At flick of that switch
The complexity in simplicity profound
Yet the awareness seemingly programmed
Out of nearly everyone

Who’s ever lacked awareness
To begin with
Only losing it upon finding
It served no business interest
It competed with organized religion
It stood in the way of lessons
About the supposedly real world
And seemed insufficiently “serious” to factor
Into adult conversation

Who’s the first to admit
We’ve got to live our lives in this world
Though we carry some spark of heaven

Who’s watching sitcom after sitcom
Rather than explore
Rather than making this trite
Seemingly insignificant

Please find meaning in whatever you do
Real meaning
Please do it with thought and total sincerity
Not for anyone’s credit
But because you want to
Please try that
Then ask

Who’s doing sanity some good
Who’s feeling different
And who’s maybe just maybe
Simply through vision
Making a difference
For everyone?

Thanks always returns

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