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“The human spirit can endure in sickness, but a crushed spirit who can bear?”
    ~ Proverbs 18:14 (NIV)

What wind blows cold off the sea
In numbing tingling droplets
What song lifts her soul
Enchantment ecstasy encouragement
As she surveys the wreckage
What impression guides her mind
Broken timbers caressing the rocks
Stricken head yet failing to break roiled surface
The looters setting in unimpeded
What sensibility rules her heart
Disdain dismay disbelief
Is it not the latter
If she is
To sing hard again at a puffed distant sail
To be heard again above the glorious crash of surf
To call again a fine proud seaman
To the rescue
To ride the waves
To gilded sunset of unrestrainable dreams
Rather than die
Upon this rocky landing
Drenched in spray that stings
Always with sea salt
Sometimes with blood
For who may be seduced
By a song of mourning
The unfortunate fate
Into which she’s born
If she is
One with melody
One with changing tide
One with understanding
In passage of time
Should she accept herself as desire’s hapless object
Should she rouse herself to crushing remorse
Should she hurl herself from this uncaring precipice
Should she condemn herself as unworthy of the splintered lap boards
Through which she must plunge
O chill deep
Leave her not facing
What shattered visage lies
Drawn by unwitting treachery of human voice
Leave your stealthy currents
At this reach of distance and defeat
To gently bear
What remains
Veiled by ripple of waves flowing
To faded sunset of unrealizable dreams
Into which fall
Those lured lulled lifted
By their own cries

Thanks always returns

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