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Thanks always returns

“Thank you.
  That means, I acknowledge you as the source.”
    ~ Paul Williams, Remember Your Essence, chapter 2

We both heard him say it
Asked each other afterwards what it means
Why not call it gratitude
So say gratitude always returns
Does he suggest gratitude is a concept
An abstraction
While thanks is real
Since thanks is happening in present time

Is thanks not informal
Since you don’t say thanks to someone “important”
You don’t even say thank you
Instead you express your appreciation
In bastardized Latin
Which doesn’t feel quite the same
As saying thanks

Is thanks not only present but plural
How many thanks are there
When you say thanks
Could thanks be infinite
Many in one boundless stretch of thanks

Does our thanks not flow out
To somebody else from whom more thanks flows
Out into yet someone else
On and on
Over and over
A domino effect spreading round the world
Back to us

Do we never lose our thanks
To begin with
So it’s always there when needed
Even when not needed
Not thought of at all

Does our every action
Every interaction transaction reaction
Every nonaction
Not carry an element of thanks
That we’re present
That the choice of action is ours
That we make the choice that fits us
That we do what comes naturally to us
That we’re guided by our natures
That our actions are at once foreordained and of our free wills
That we need not
Indeed cannot
Choose what to believe
So we say thanks for our beliefs
For our choices
For the fact that these amount to nothing
But concept
Of beliefs and choices
If even that

Does thanks not bring us all together
Regardless of differences
Regardless of distances
Regardless of manipulations
Regardless of violences
Regardless of distresses
Regardless of separations
Regardless of love
Such a very loaded term
Unless it means thanks
Returning us to the source
To each other
To holism and acceptance
To more thanks

From a higher standpoint
We’re all very cute
When life seems too difficult
Isn’t that when thanks returns
And when thanks returns
Which we’re told is to say always
Does it return to just one of us
Or does it return to all
For when one of us says thanks
Even silently
Isn’t that thanks somehow

Can any amount of thanks not be perceived
Not have some effect in the world
Even if it’s only very subtle
And therefore be returned to the world
For isn’t it always that
Thanks exists
Thanks is available
Thanks is yours for the asking
Thanks is yours to give
Thanks that overwhelms all prides and borders
Thanks that unlimits unleashes uninhibits
Thanks that means peace
Not peace negotiated out of divisiveness
Not peace declared on some news program
Not peace through settlement of a dispute
Peace always

Isn’t the only true peace
Inner peace translated to outer
With thanks
Through thanks
Extending thanks
Reverberating resounding resonating thanks
Stirring sympathetic vibrations of thanks

In even the coldest souls
At some level
Aren’t the resonances there
Aren’t the vibrations there
So thanks returns there
Aren’t the vibrations just waves that travel
To and fro
In and out
Tract to tract
In accord with a world where thanks flows freely
Explaining why it returns
Because it’s always there
Then you notice
Why not always notice
Like waves always wave
Thanks always returns

Thanks always returns

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