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“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”
    ~ Abraham Lincoln

On this road
Cleared with assumptions
Bedded with expectations
Paved with good intentions
Driven with certainty
As winter comes
Here you find yourself snowed
In somebody else’s dream
You’ll never understand what is
Good life
Your ass too used to the soft
Bath tissue and corporate spot
From which you questioned too much of the unquestionable
Spilled too much of the confidential
Revealed too much of the government by and for
People like you if they were lucky
We used to exile and send the rest
On this road
Wearing new face
Bearing new identity
Sharing new name
You needn’t have been driven far
As summer comes
Whether it’s somebody else’s
Privacy of suburban footage
Just as before
Nobody knows
You after
Maybe you’ll understand
Anything can be done again but
What can be undone and
What can be better than this
Good life

    November 2013

Thanks always returns

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