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The certain

“The intuitive squares without sawing
  Points without piercing
  Straightens without aligning
  Shines without dazzling”
    ~ Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, chapter 58

Should many a complex problem
Suggest solutions discoverable through intuition
This method
Receiving the blessing of established authority
In terms applicable
Throughout the space these certain matters are deemed to fit
Bringing trade-offs considered acceptable
As today’s fashion
Whether the quality that can be qualified
Is true quality
Who can say
Who condemns escalation of violence in a dutiful world
Who deplores escalation of commitment
Who regrets escalation of expectation
Who knows antipatterns when
I see patterns

Should many a sensitive high-strung character
Become psychotic after continuous days and nights without sleep
This drug
Superseding the old whose patents have expired
In terms of side-effects
Throughout the space between the withdrawal and the symptom
Bringing regular quasi-involuntary jerking whole body motions
As sleep’s coming on
Whether passing out drunk’s
The only way past
Who can say
Who takes responsibility for the world’s problems
Who takes the profit from the long-term addicts
Who sees them off at age sixty when this substance is no longer recommended
Who knows antidote from antimatter when
I see what matters

Should many a distinguished professor
Find all the answers pat and ready at hand
This knowledge
Reassuring in the face of uncertainty
In terms that can be extrapolated
Throughout the space that’s all subatomic structure
Pervading the formless foundation of the cosmos
As this day begins
Whether in the limit of the dawn’s early light
Or infinitesimal second-hand sweeping
Who can say
Who assumes the burden of guilt for a ruthless world
Who plays the fool
Who carries Christ consciousness
Who knows antichrists when
I see God

Thanks always returns

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