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The emperor’s creed

“Seed, seed, grow!”
    ~ The Church, “Spark” from the album Starfish (1988)

We believe we’re the only real good folks,
The follow the rules like we should folks,
And when we’re in heaven
We won’t feel too sad
For those too bad but would if they could folks;

We believe too that our guy’s a winner
And doubting it makes you a sinner;
In communion we ain’t
Any less than a saint
Though the portions we get make us thinner;

We believe in forgiveness of sins,
But whose sin’s forgiven depends
On whether these lines
Are believed, and the fine’s
Really steep for doubt as it all ends;

An emperor way back indeed
Came up with the very best seed
To grow a religion;
We’ve read his decision
Just this: nothing more than a creed.

    It’s the art of a statesman to compose a declaration that says nothing specifically self-congratulatory
    Yet lends itself to being read that way;
    Even more impressive to get agreement from a bunch of headstrong officials about such a statement;
    The fact that democratically elected leaders are rarely so artful is
    At least from the cognoscenti’s perspective
    Too bad.

    October 2016

Thanks always returns

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