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The healing

“I create a peaceful balance in all things, everywhere I walk.
  I create for myself great health, prosperity, abundance, and Benevolent Outcomes.
  And so it is.”
    ~ Tom T. Moore, “Daily Affirmation”, from The Gentle Way: A Self-Help Guide for those who Believe in Angels (2006)

One’s never enough
Healing is peeling
Layers from an onion
Wisp by wisp
The process awakens
The knowing
That we’re all each other’s healers

This health food store
Becomes a last bastion
Of hope prayer grace
For those who’ve lost
At the game of modern medicine
Though who here offers advice
About which food to choose
Many of the store workers choose to doubt
Organic farming principles
They’re here for their own reasons
I see
The frustrations left here
In litanies of worry
Nervous stress insomnia anxiety
Obesity dysglycemia diabetes
Circulatory dysfunction cancer toxicity
Emotional hangup
All piled together
Inundating this place
From aisle floor to vented ceiling
That which dispenses health
Knows when it needs healing
Who better for the task
Than one who knows oneself
As healer

The request need not be made
In so many words
Particularly from a healee that
From maybe too many perspectives
Is a piece of real estate
A shopping cart slams me
I can’t fit past the other shoppers
In the maybe too-narrow aisles
The fish is wrapped a bit too loosely
So drips over the mixed greens
Everyone’s tense here
Even angry
I’m here
I hear you

Standing at the edge of the produce section
From within the structure near its edge
Facing the rest of it
With the main entrance just out of sight at left
With outstretched arms
I summon two guides
Lithe spritely little Peter twinkles into space
Dressed in form-fitting green
A wand in hand
He’s never upset
He never grows up
Perfect for this task
And all others
Tall statuesque stodgy Li
Emerges from unlikely shadow
Cloaked in flowing white
Faintly glowing
His calm and peace flow forth
Already taking the edge off all concerns
Just because he’s here with me

I’ve known about my Earth roots
Since I was a child
I feel them beneath me now
Let them descend further
Dig the fertile soil
Find the nutrients
Disperse the refuse
Far beneath this rosin tiled floor
And instruct Peter and Li
To do the same to the whole place
The two guides travel floating
Touch all eight corners
Tie them to each other
At the center
From which new Earth roots grow
This place will stay rooted
Planted firm and flexible
As the guides fetch starlight from above
Blessing what they’ve done here
I thank them
I’m not alone

A month passes
I’m walking these aisles again
The same but different
Configured in a way that allows
Cart-laden shoppers ready passage
Though the place is more crowded than ever
Everything’s within reach

Twelve years go by
Again I pay a visit
I love all the places
Where the guides and I have done this work
Other stores in this chain have relocated
To larger venues
This one remains compact as ever
Yet wins customer satisfaction awards
The fish department serves the freshest
Best cuts I can find anywhere
Including even the wharf
But lately their price has shot up
They know they’re tops
But I can’t afford good lean fillets here anymore
I buy a last fatty slice
Decide to find my next one elsewhere
Then realize
One’s never enough

Thanks always returns

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