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The rationale of nerds

“The real apocalypse comes, not with the vision of a city or kingdom, which would still be external, but with the identification of the city and kingdom with one’s own body.”
    ~ Northrop Frye, Fearful Symmetry (1947)

The night’s her excuse
I know at first sight
She has wavy raven hair
Though only the moon
And a distant street lamp light this stretch
I say hello as she blows past
All the more pointedly for that
So I walk the short distance down
To ask the silvered waves aloud
Why is it I’m endlessly enticed
By beautiful women
I don’t have
Water has a cosmic way of answering
Yes or no
Is it fear of a big strong person in the dark
Is it hate and license to let it show
Does she hate men generally
Did a man abuse her causing hatred
Does physical illness like liver impairment
Cause her hate
Is the cause mostly emotional
Did a man fail her
Was it a failure to love
A failure to provide
I think for awhile, then continue
Does she blame certain men
For the insecurities faced by the world today
Are those men so-called experts
So those experts earn nice livings
Working to make the rich richer
Creating time-wasting gadgets toxic sprays
Instant gratification job-threatening automation
Bigger weapons harder drugs
Mind-numbing chatter & superbugs
A society rearranged a climate changed
Instability uncertainty
Lies half-truths & pitches
Does she hate any capable intelligent looking guy
Who passes by
Amid the first world’s decline
That’s wiped away peace of mind
For his failure to bring it back
Gotta wonder what would’ve happened
Had I called down a spacecraft bound
Straight up to a planet we’d do our best
To ensure would never be run by avarice & fraud
Maybe she would’ve returned a greeting
As explorers of distant lands have long known
The ocean is treacherous
Working for the man is just simpler
Than understanding a woman

    September 2017

Thanks always returns

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