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Thin line

“Dancing alone
  Here in this crowded room...”
    ~ A Flock of Seagulls, “Never Again (The Dancer)” from the album The Story of a Young Heart (1984)

He used to dance
On the beautifully-arranged stage
Surrounded by lively youth
Sharing choreographed interactions with elegant females
Havin’ fun
Until the five jerks who jump him in the schoolyard
After hours
Stuff him head down in the garbage bin
Leaving the lid latched behind them
Chanting ballerina all the while
Lead me to stop by his home to provide some training
In self defense
He follows half-heartedly
What’s the point
He tells me from now on
He’s going to dance
Never again

He used to dance
To the smokin’-hot Latin rhythms
Surrounded by lovely professionals
Of various skill levels
Until meeting there a single mom
Making her way
Lookin’ for fun
They arrange encounters of their own
After hours
Seven years later
The death of her father and the loss of her job
Make her no fun anymore
He submits the divorce papers and stops by her home
Barking orders as she helps lift the couch
To the truck in the hope such a stud returns
What’s the point
He tells me right now
He’s going to dance

    January 2014

Thanks always returns

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