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“Sexual activity at too early an age damages the Penetrating (Chong) and Directing (Ren) Vessels and also leads not only to Blood stasis but also to Kidney deficiency.”
    ~ Giovanni Maciocia, The Foundation of Chinese Medicine, second edition (2005), page 276

The mind-body connection is far too tight
For Nature to have arranged that one develop
Tormented years behind the other
In such a significant aspect
As such a fundamental human function and need
Yet the oft-acknowledged discrepancy
Is at least as old as traditional oriental medicine
And probably agriculture
Even may have been conditioned into Truth for some but when
I reached thirteen
I wrote software that I couldn’t sell
Only because my VIC-20 lacked disk or tape drive
So nothing could be saved
And thus learned detachment
I followed traffic signals by bicycle
Only because the law forbade me from doing so by car
Through driving would’ve been as safe for me as for anyone
And thus learned patience in the face of stupidity
I was attracted to young women that ran away
Only because they hadn’t been held responsible for themselves
So couldn’t emotionally cope with helpless babies
And thus understood women despise me
Despise sex
That is until
I reached thirteen
Twice over
And only then understood my fundamental knowledge of humanity
As learned through observation
Was correct only in certain cases
Some attachments are beneficial
Patience isn’t always a virtue
And some women don’t absolutely despise sex
May even sort of accept it
Even if it’s just out of charity or a need for an evening’s attention
Even if they don’t love
Even if they’re jaded by male cravings
Even if intimacy without love may be a deeper misery than none at all
Even if they’ve “matured” into insouciant acceptance way
Slower than Nature obviously arranged before
All that math English religion social studies gym
And television
Amongst all the other programming
Making us willing
Components of social order
Proved more important to society than adulthood
Since my society was different
It had only one person in it that’s why
I reached thirteen
Thrice over and then some
Before I could begin to understand how utterly
Deceived I’d been
Not to mention how often
An early-teen couple could make great parents
With resilient bodies that need no C sections episiotomies
Or yet further assaults on what Nature arranged to
Around new lives
With fast-acting quick-study minds not fixed in sedentary
Principles by which an
Culture has locked so many others into place
Until what the ancient Chinese doctors
And every so-called expert since seems to have missed is
The requirements
The meanings
The joy
Of complete and regular functionality
Of ovulation’s astounding complexity
Of hormones and receptors
Of pheromones and growth factors
Of meiosis and apoptosis
Of probiotic symbiosis
Of epithelial cell proliferation
Of uterine lining and follicle stimulation
Of ripening and potential quickening
Of cleansing blood flowing
Of shifting feeling and desire
Of sensitivities that conspire
Of the obvious lie
That by not at least occasionally inserting some passion and a penis
Amongst this beautifully sophisticated alchemy
For years after it’s reached its height of churning perfection
That is until
It’s begun its slow decline
Like over-aging wine
There should be any result besides the teenage sexual frustration
That’s surely near the root
Of virtually all civilization’s ailments
Not least among them

Thanks always returns

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