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 Be like God.”
    ~ Jack Spicer, “Imaginary Elegies” (1955)

She‘s captivated by it
Can hardly eat
Now the slice of carrot’s been moved across the plate
What’s the meaning
Before, in the past, back that side
After, present and some future over this way
Why not in both places or neither
The meaning of change
Depends on change
No meaning without interpreting
Some event to take in
Means the word’s the meaning yet
Both word and meaning
More than one another
Interface and collide
In this thing called awareness
Leaving a terrible unsatisfied hunger
Whether there are even words to explain it
Who’s saying them
Could such a crucial thing be left unsaid
Look around
What ignoramuses all around

Would that more unschooling may help
Untangle the strands
When a kiss a quarter century past seems like yesterday
Even today
What’s the difference
Between that and tomorrow
Whatever that means
Say we’re going to meet you
It’s so exciting
We’re together right now
Why say anyone’s apart
A terrible difference that can’t be
More than the falsest interface
Between expectation and presence

The terrible twos come early in the philosophical ones
Who’s listening
Finding ways to understand
Who else but a poet asks for a reason
With mind open the way one finds out how far down to the water
Is it physical emotional spiritual mental
No, no, no, no
Lots of no’s
Till the question is something metaphysical
What’s learned is only too simple
We only learn to take it as real
Might as well unlearn
They’re not thinking about it
They’re not hurt or even very bothered
They’re just its interface
Now they know it
And it’s hysterical

Then she sees how I’m asking
Hears what I’m saying
Calms like a silenced terrible alarm
Surveys me with peaceful respect
Would politely like the dearest interface
Of a warm breast as I’m done explaining
Don’t you know
There’s nothing to it
It’s just about time

    June 2015

Thanks always returns

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