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Tip of the iceberg

For the jurors, armchair versions included, in the case of Ellen Pao v. Kleiner Perkins

“Life is not easy for any of us.”
    ~ Marie Curie

Who has she been thinking of?
Even had she walked away with the whole sixteen mil
And never would need work again if come push or come shove
To pay for a view looking off from the hill
At one of the priciest towns from above
The cost of her luxury life would’ve been truly small
Not really all that much at all
Next to that of the fear she’s arranged to instill
From the top corporate layers
Who’ll admit even those mediocre and dim
But exclude close relations with them
When the risk of a suit says best not seem to favor a him
To the courts and their dignified law-thumping players
Who’ll admit any stories of sordid affairs
But exclude the family’s fraud
Since they sure can’t handle an image that gives men a nod
After all, we know money just wasn’t an object by God
Only the women were such
Staying out of their way is now much
The fearful trend
Not anymore just for the nerds
And not just the fear, but what’s more, in the end
The cost to all women from wise to absurd
Who if they had only maintained intuition so dear
Toward hearth and home, more than wheeling and dealing so drear
Would realize she’s undermined everyone both far and near
If not for the money, then for just what thrill?
Which women would she hand the valley’s great burnout treadmill
When mostly male nerds spend their youth slinging code at their screens
Developing long hours of skills as they skip social scenes
So they can recoup not enough for the waste of their teens
While not every girl dreams of software or geek’s shoes to fill
And may long for family still
Those who fear
Are those who can’t love

    March 2015

Thanks always returns

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