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Tree of knowledge

“Those who know haven’t much learning
  Those of much learning don’t know”
    ~ Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, chapter 81

Mother is God
A small child sees this
And only this
With certainty
Mother means everything in the world

All of us are wise
To the facts of life
The biggest trouble isn’t serpents
Wolves bugs diseases
Fires storms or drought
But other people
The marauders who’d kill our men
And take us and our children for chattel
If we didn’t learn
To take care
Mother is love

All of us have learned
We eat the fruit
Spit the seeds
To grow where we’ve left them
Return and find a new harvest ready
But to settle on this principle
Would require the men’s plow-handling strength
And our organization
The new garden won’t grow on its own
The tree requires tending
And its roots need must run deep

Now many of us organize
So no enemy can stand against us
We instead will take their land
To spread the seeds
The men yet carry weapons
As well as manage the soil and crops
It’s up to us to be the coordinators
Busily watching the timings and rotations
Busily collecting the tribute and keeping the deeds
Busily handling the probate most directly
By busily recognizing the marriages and their legitimate heirs
Who’ll learn the markings we’re inventing
To record these matters
No need to dwell on the necessary truth
School is the original sin

We’ll eventually free ourselves
Enough to put some chieftain in charge
Once the tree grows enough
We can work to live
Until then we’re put upon
To at once handle society career and husbands
Not to mention children
For whom life only gets better
If only they’d believe
Mother is there

    July 2017

Thanks always returns

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