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“I won’t hold you to your words. Deep emotions are often expressed in irrational words.”
    ~ Hugh Prather, Notes to Myself

Far be it from me to insist she’s not channeling Gaia though
Why her accent changed as she began from
California girl to outskirts of London seems really a question about
Why the Isles should strike people as relatively classic
Could it be all those Jane Austen fans about
Why Gaia’s classic or what other reason could there be or
Why we Americans should consider the Earth outmoded yet
Apparently want to hear from her about
Why the crop circles to which the conversation keeps returning are
And man if I could converse with Gaia I’d have far more
Interesting as questions about
Why I’d be terrified to let any entity no matter how friendly
Possess my carcass especially to the
Point I don’t even remember what larynx palate tongue embouchure have said when I’m
Back to myself if that entity ever allows me back while she flippantly gives
Up her persona with a laugh seems really a question about
Why when later that evening I let my mind reach deep into the Earth
Respectfully ask that Gaia appear
Open three eyes see nothing new but
Check it out are those a couple of smirking angels or devils or a pattern made by shadows
Where the curtains meet in the corner about
Why when I say
Far be it from me to insist what’s real beyond
I’m here today with perceptions
As for these angels devils patterns shadows curtains corners eyes respect and Earth I find
Those who assert that all of them are true
Those who assert that none of them are true
A great many who assert that certain of them are true
Disagreeing strenuously over which
Yet such a scarce few who’d agree with me that
Both all and none are or
Might as well be true

Thanks always returns

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