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“...in any matter involving love, or high explosives, one can never foresee all the factors.”
    ~ E. B. White, “The Morning of the Day They Did It” from The Second Tree from the Corner (1950)

I wear comfy socks with my sandals
My feet keep their shape and stay warm
Who’d think that this style would cause scandals
It does no one else the least harm

These loose-fitting jean shorts will last me
More years than the thin fabric kind
All while they’ll make women look past me
Who’d ever have thought they should mind

My facial hair tends to a style
That even a mother can’t stand
I shave it off once in awhile
To look wholly boyish and bland

And that’s how they want me I’m guessing
As if they could want me at all
It won’t be myself I’m expressing
But their old discarded Ken doll

    June 2015

Thanks always returns

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