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“You’re the one and only, but sure as you’re born
  Bigger and better than a unicorn.”
    ~ “The Rhino Song” popularized by Bernard Derriman, aka squetch

Tell me of this mystery
This divisive allegation
Your existence is dreadful
False as the herb
True as any against parasites
The unacceptable
The idea such a lowly creature
As a man should enjoy
Even one of you
Let alone two for coziness
The most significant of rationales
For denouncement of magical species
The camouflaged fear of the lazy
Even one relationship too much effort
To cultivate let alone
The two that need be made in coexistence
In many worlds of minimalist exclusivity
Industrialist diversion escapist retreat
Which policy over energy need be enforced
Among those who’d practice
A burning of desire
A breed apart
And more apart
And more

Tell me of this mystery
This feminized claim
You’re a mythical beast
False as the herb
That prevents the miscarriage
Of love
The fearful misrepresentation
The idea it can’t involve more than two
As any threesome should enjoy
The most significant of their three relationships
Claimed to be valued least
The two who share a kitchen and make
A home each instinctively cozies
The three who benefit from experience
Found alone more rarely
Than dilemmas never resolved
In one world of sanctimonious exclusivity
Unprovable abuse congratulable divorce
Which policy over genitalia need be enforced
Among those who’ve practiced
A manifesting of love
A bonding together
And more together
And more

    November 2013

Thanks always returns

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