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“The fish of reality is more like water; it always manages to slip through [the net].”
    ~ Alan Watts, in a recorded talk titled “Zen Bones” (1967)

Of what use visions
If they don’t apply to the real world
As many a soul spending time with equations
Takes a crack at linking the fundamental forces
That drive everything
Why shouldn’t those of us picturing hyperdimensionality
Do the same
Thus my offering
Of these speculations
Stated as if factual
To simplify the presentation
Since they build upon each other step by step
Really just my concepts
If more or less harebrained in their conceptions
Than theories that arrive
Through attempts to explain the all in mathematics
That by its own rules is incomplete
If you think you’ve got guts
Consider the possibilities

That subatomic particles are waves
Makes no sense
Waves don’t behave like points
Waves act as waves
Their long tails run off into some dimension or other
On either side of any surfer who rides them
But that these particles aren’t waves
Also is nonsensical
Thinking totally in waves
Visualizing the surfer’s perspective
Provides an alternative

That there are four dimensions
The three spatial ones we perceive plus time
As the only ones that aren’t “rolled up”
Smacks of human-centric hubris
Same as that which once placed the heavens
In motion over Earth
Or Sol with its changing spots at the center of the cosmos
But that these dimensions are accessible to us mortals
Also is hubristic
Still we can think
In higher dimensions
Visualizing wave motion on roiled surface as we do
Provides an alternative

That there are four disjoint forces of nature
That by which any objects tend toward cohesion over any distance
That by which some objects pull together over very small distance
That by which those objects pull tightly together over extremely tiny distance
That by which the echoes of force applied to objects of certain types carry over any distance
Those latter objects known as charged
Having given credit to those who’d put handles on spacetime
Making waves moving them around
Is incomplete as mathematics
What of that by which objects thrust themselves apart
Preventing merger of all that is into monumental blobs
Why speak of an exclusion principle
As of some doctrine exclusive from force
Thinking totally in surface tension
Visualizing the intersection of a membrane known as cosmos
Over a higher-dimensional substrate
Provides an alternative

That surface tension
Poorly understood though it may be
Is the force that unifies all forces
The one true force of nature
Is the exploration

Ride a wave
Observe what happens alongside
Within the crests and troughs
See interference patterns
Ripples and eddies
Without friction over enormous time
In perpetual motion
Each vortex
Running nearly forever in simplest state
A quantum whirlpool can abide
The simplest object in a tide
Of tension

Ride whirlpools rotating
Cleanly as seawater vortices
Clockwise or counterclockwise
Let there be positive or negative
A higher-dimensional vortex can do more than this
Providing neutrons neutrinos a variety of quarks too
Pitch roll and yaw too few
Constraints on their vectors
Larger objects torn into separate vortices by tension
Don’t merge
But sunder to simplest form
The quantum
The nuclear forces of conglomeration
Too weak to keep them flying from configuration
In random 3D direction
Alpha to Armageddon
As if anything’s random
Surely not nuclear incidents

See a vortex tug the surface
That stretches to the end of the universe
Whenever that is
Its existence flexing the tension
The flex decreasing with distance
By inverse square
An apple falls
Hits someone on the noggin
Who cries

See one vortex in close proximity to another
Some several quanta apart
Dancing to an interplay of tension
Exchanging bosons that might be just waves
In tension
In embrace
Some closer
Where the hold deepens
Weak to strong interaction
A helium balloon bursts
Hits someone on the noggin
Who cries
It’s elementary my voice
Sounds this way

See vortices twirl
Each oppositely or alike
With respect to the surface
Attractive or repellant
Those twirling alike push
A current flows
Those twirling oppositely pull
As metallic bonding
A waveguide’s formed
A conductor of domino effect
Vortices jiggered by waves in the surface
Jigger it back
In radiative waves outspreading
Like an inventive concept
The jigger decreasing with distance
By inverse square again
Except when one enters one end of a wire
To pop another off the opposite end
Or to hit emanative thinness
A beam of vortices emerges
Hits someone on the noggin
Who cries
What’s the idea
Switch off that lamp and let me sleep

See vortices compressed hold their shape
Retain identities
Even refracted in different directions
Remaining intact
Recognizing self from non-self
Homeostatic consciousness quantized
A star collapses
There’re few denser things
Than the stuff that would rather than fit
Onto the periodic table
Is instead astronomically off the chart
A stellar nucleus
Another star explodes
Leaves a dwarfish remnant
Still all differentiated protons neutrons electrons
Hits someone on the noggin
Who cries
Coulda been worse

Would that there would
Be an event horizon
But jiggers in tension jigger onward forever
Nothing stops them
Though echoes in charged response fall back
In a limited one-way rising and setting
Hardly qualifying for the horizontal designation
When a race of monumentally massive creatures could be living
On the surface of the nucleus
That’s a singularity all right
As the only element of its kind
Must collapse to a quantum
Or rather a single vortex
Of gargantuan atomic mass
And if those inhabitants all went to its north pole and jumped
Up and down in choreographed synchrony
Of communication with the rest of us
Relaying in waves
Events we can interpret
Why not pay attention
And wave right back if we can
Or just listen so we don’t miss
The interesting things they’re saying

Thanks always returns

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