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“Viewing such men, one can hardly make oneself believe that they are fellow-creatures, and inhabitants of the same world.”
    ~ Charles Darwin, Diary of the Voyage of H.M.S. Beagle (1890)

Those calling it social anxiety
Give nothing where credit is due
They say that it breaks your sobriety
So your frightened self shines right through
Whenever you try interacting
As if you don’t know how to hide
Your fears after years of your acting
The confidence that won’t abide

To speak of involuntary celibacy
Is speaking without any thought
For all of the sexual delicacy
That you could’ve easily bought
By lowering your expectations
For what might’ve been your first lay
What you want is sexual relations
That mean more than how much you’ll pay

Some pitch it as sexual frustration
As if it were at a high pitch
Yet after some fine masturbation
When human touch is the real itch
You’re just as frustrated as ever
That nobody shares your desire
And anyone’s touch whatsoever
Is more than you dare to aspire

Those speaking of simple acceptance
May be somewhere close to the mark
Yet miss just from whence comes reluctance
Which misfit like you would embark
On forcing a fit that’s not fitting
Accepting what’s not to accept
The two way street on which we’re sitting
Rejects those who likewise reject

Your loneliness isn’t your lameness
It beats all the fitting world’s plight
You live in a world full of sameness
As different as day is from night
What I would call you is unmatchable
You’re really just one of a kind
Or if but one more would be catchable
Oh my, wouldn’t that be a find

So come look me up on the lightwaves
Another unmatchable fool
Yet something like you as my heart craves
Companions no one would call cool
Unmatchable shall be our vision
In these sad unmatchable times
Unmatchable worlds in collision
Inspire unmatchable rhymes

    June 2015

Thanks always returns

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