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Если друг оказался вдруг                          If a friend has turned from a friend to
И не друг, и не враг, а — так,                    Not a friend, not a foe — so that,
Если сразу не разберешь,                          If suddenly you couldn’t tell
Плох он или хорош,—                               What sort of fellow he’d become
Парня в горы тяни — рискни!                   Take him to the mountains — risk it!
Не бросай одного его,                                Don’t leave him alone
Пусть он в связке в одной с тобой —        Let him be in the same bind you are —
Там поймешь, кто такой.                          There’s the guidance, as to who he is.
    ~ Владимир Высоцкий, «ПЕСНЯ О ДРУГЕ»     ~ Vladimir Vysotsky, “Song of a Friend”

I’ve raced enough against the clock
And lost enough on corporate stock
And faced enough of fear and shock
There’s just one feeling left to block —
As with this key I turn the lock
To thwart intruders real and mock —
I’m waiting for the modern world to end.

Enough of lawyers making free
Rich shmucks’ responsibility
Enough how each ad on TV
Neglects each cost and hidden fee
Enough contrived morality
’Mid governmental spending spree
Still waiting for the modern world to end.

Bet not on military minds
Destruction to destruction binds
Obeying orders so reminds
The soldiers of their childhood grinds
Till that day when each soldier finds
The purpose that is all mankind’s:
Just waiting for the modern world to end.

Will climate change bring doom about
Or will the fossil fuel run out
Or cost so much most do without
So tractor-tended fields won’t sprout
Thus population’s boom to rout —
Whatever, there’s but little doubt
A crazy world shall meet a crazy end.

Things won’t be easy, I’ll confess
To start a fire’s tough, I guess
Invention thrives, though, on duress
I’ll eat cattails and watercress
While hides and fur will be my dress
Both fattened and frustrated less
In days beyond the modern world’s sure end.

No doubt I’ll have less time to spend
On action thriller, team sport, trend
But I’ll learn how to read the wind
And better reckon foe from friend
Come join me: we can hunt and tend
The land that feeds, the souls that mend
Glad that the modern world has met its end.

Thanks always returns

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