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What really matters

“Spirit is the process of self-examination, not its outcome.”
    ~ Ted J Kaptchuk, The web that has no weaver: understanding Chinese medicine (2000)

Do you care?
Do you mine for the truth and then do your true best?
Do you make life a pleasure and not some hard test?
Do you know when to charge, when to turn on a dime,
When to be wild enough to commit for all time?

Are you free?
Do you stand up for those marching to their own drums?
Do you march to your own or just beat your own gums?
Does a still, small voice guide you or what’s on TV?
Are you taking flack gamely or personally?

Are you mild?
Do you let others talk without stealing the floor?
Do you let questions stand without feeling cocksure?
Do you realize there’s much more of unknown than known
While with patience some answers may one day be shown?

Do you trust?
Do you sense there are miracles yet taking place
And believe as they happen it’s you that they grace?
Do you share all your joy with abandon, not fear,
And let those who you love know you’re holding them dear?

Are you real?
Are your acts based on sense, even if they seem odd,
Or just part of a show for your neighbors or God?
Do you love fixing problems and touching hurt souls,
Or do these rack up points in pursuit of your goals?

Are you you?
Do you take yourself seriously or see through
All those comforting concepts too pat to be true
In this universe tangled and rich — don’t we name
This thing I that we share as we’re one and the same?

    April 2016

Thanks always returns

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