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Who, me?

“At night
  In the dark
  You’re the headless horseman”
    ~ Wendy MaHarry, “Headless Horseman” from the album Wendy MaHarry (1990)

They’re targets
He says
Hapless objects of desire
Closing up backing off averting eyes
Not to be bothered
Shall they be safe?

They’re horrified
She sings
So we can tell he’s got a tough heart
An amazing dick
And what an attitude could be there
If he only had a brain
At night in the dark he wouldn’t exist

They’re incomprehensible
I think to myself
Spending what little time I might with
Those few who are more interesting and artistic
Or picking up their albums hoping to comprehend
Shall I be sorry?

They’re victims
She says
Of petrochemical pseudoestrogen chemistry
Of brown-nosing bureaucracy and backstabbing stress
Of permanent PMS
If they only would detox
At night in the dark everything would change

They’re afraid
He tells me
I’m so bright I’m scary
Nobody had told me until now, nobody was listening
With mind and body petrified
Shall our spirits be broken?

    February 2015

Thanks always returns

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