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Why E=mc2

“Would you say further, there is no beginning and no ending?”
    ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti, in a conversation with David Bohm (1980)

Take an astonishingly simple equation that falls out of pure theory to explain real-world behavior
What’s the significance of disregarding its invitation to make clear
Fundamentals of the world itself
Why aren’t more thinkers putting aside their unanimous differential equations
At least for what we view as awhile
Or enough for the chance to observe a meaning
Why isn’t it just E=mc
As if you could slow down energy and watch it freeze into matter almost forever
Why not E=mc3
As if a 3D universe calls for three portions of anything
In a recipe for anything
Visualize a little
The likely reason for the true ratio is hardly a challenge to see
Just a matter of perspective

Take that of light
What’s the significance of space & time
When it’s the big bang we hear in the static
It’s right now
And it hasn’t gone anywhere
Even if we think a bit of it here and there can sit spinning for a few billion of what we call years
In a vortex that means nothing to it
But everything to us
From a grand unified theory
To just a breath of fresh air
In a world we view as turning almost forever
Or enough to appreciate
For what it is

Take that of our hand sweeping through the water in a bathtub
Like a cataclysmic event
What’s the significance of eddies and whirlpools
That with utmost parsimony each wrap a point in a surface that might’ve been two-dimensional
Were it not for each vortex itself
About just a single axis — all that’s needed to surround a point
A center of stability that with ideal permittivity could maintain itself
In a structure we could view as turning almost forever
Or enough for a brain to apprehend a brane of higher world-volume

Take that of a cosmic hand reaching from the fourth dimension
To sweep through the surface known as our universe
A big bang if ever there is one
What’s the significance of spinning energies at quantum scale
That with utmost parsimony wrap tiniest fragments of 3D continuum
About just two axes — all that’s needed to surround a point
That with the permittivity of space could remain what we view as an electron almost forever
Or enough for trillions of these to charge a brain that considers its own makeup
Though it’s beautiful on its own

Take that of an infinite ripple of infinitesimal width
Leading back through the creation of space & time to what’s beyond
And forward through ears that hear creation’s sound just to wrap our heads in visions
A superstring by any other name
What’s the significance of things beyond reach or measure
When every smallest part of this physical body comes into being this eternal moment
By what we view as wrapping and wrapping again what we view as its awesome velocity
About what we view as itself for what we view as awhile
A world we view as turning almost forever
Or enough to make at least one fundamental thing clear
Why E=mc2

Take consciousness
What’s the significance of any so-called matter or energy
Any so-called place or time or reality
When any can be taken
And anything taken in
Including for awhile just the realization that there’s nothing
Or enough to call it nothing
But perspective

    September 2015

Thanks always returns

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