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Why the white race is self-loathing

“The ‘sin’ in the sex act is that of parentage.”
    ~ Norman O. Brown, Love’s Body (1966)

Being the first with the most
With the worst that it gets
Enslaving lives to our will
Raising plants from tender shoots to cut them down
Nurturing creatures from helpless infancy to the slaughter
Milking their lifetimes of overtaxed digestion
Breaking them to the plow
Breeding them for war
Maybe those were another people
Sentenced to the death camps
But it was rarely somebody else’s kind
Taking the enemy fire
Not meaning to give up our hearts
Lose our own blood
Better to waste it month by month
It’s just a consequence
A knockout impact

Having been far too successful
Reaping longstanding benefits
Had we really been racist we’d saddle
Somebody else with the burden
That presses all to be the same
Having had no shame
Had we been anti-human we wouldn’t
Want to grow up
Want to fall in love
Want responsibility
Only convenience
We’ve instead called it depression
Sounds like a dip along the way
Not a knockout impact

Who’ll be invited not feared
Who’ll be cherished not tolerated
Who’ll be lovely not weird
Who’ll be kept close not relegated
To somebody else’s care
Are somebody else’s children
A knockout impact

    April 2017

Thanks always returns

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