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Yesterday’s law

“Learn no more, and bring worry to an end:
  What’s the difference between obeisance and impudence?
  What’s the difference between sense and nonsense?”
    ~ Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, chapter 20

It begins
By blazing a new pathway from the observed to the inviolate
That for the sake of perception achieves the unprecedented
So mighty and fickle is corporate power
Whose statute can compel exponential growth by exponential shrinkage
An unlimited more by an infinitesimal less
Spanning generations
Putting Silicon Valley on the map
The Internet in every hand
And all those rehires in Asia
Then when there’s no market for the boundless
No killer app whose bloat remains to loft
As something new catches perception’s fancy
It ends
No big deal
Those innumerable professional careers built around it
Just some nerds’ entertainment
For the rest of us it’s
Back to sports

    January 2015

Thanks always returns

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