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Your problem

For the modern Pharisees manipulating sentiment, congregations demanding comfort, and Pontius Pilates aiming to please

“Nothing’s as permanent as a temporary situation.”
    ~ Greek proverb

It’s not the fruit that someone ate beneath the knowing trees
It’s not the fun your parents had; don’t blame the birds and bees
It’s not nine months of fear that other nations have the bomb
It’s not that daycare couldn’t be just like a loving mom

It’s not that TV joined you in its ever tacky fold
It’s not that teachers made you proud of doing what you’re told
It’s not that sermons left an empty smile on your face
It’s not that your rebelling brought on you a fall from grace

It’s not the wage slave life in which you’ve lost far too much sleep
It’s not the lonely times in which you’ve laughed just not to weep
It’s not the body’s failures through which you’ve felt down and out
It’s not the spirit’s failures through which you’ve grown full of doubt

It’s not that cheap conveniences have left you hard to please
It’s not that toxic food and drugs have left you with disease
It’s not that sedentary ways have left you cursing fat
It’s not that playing hard has worn you out and left you flat

It’s not that cold hard people all around you spell despair
It’s not that climate change has made you fear the very air
It’s not that heaven’s somewhere out of sight up in the sky
It’s not that what you really know is that you’re bound to die

It’s not that once you’re gone you’ll be forgotten on this Earth
It’s not that you’ve done nothing in your time to prove your worth
It’s not that you can’t tell what’s right or wrong: you’ll make this call
Your problem hasn’t got a thing to do with you at all

You only have one problem, that’s a fact just plain to see
I am your problem: nothing’s wrong to be addressed but me

    March 2015

Thanks always returns

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